28 Toys, Games and Gadgets From The 80s That’s Worth Serious Cash Today!

Ever wondered what happened to your old He-man figures or the Sony Walkman that you’re Mum and Dad bought you for Christmas back in 1980? Well if only they were in mint condition and sitting in your folk’s attic!

Here’s a round up of 20 toys from the 80s that are worth a bloody fortune now, had you have looked after the damn things! You will not believe the today value of a Teddy Ruxpin!

1. Sony Walkman TPs

Value $560 in mint condition

An original Sony Walkman can fetch up to $560! These collectable mobile cassette players of the 1980s are well sort after by retro product enthusiasts, which will only increase the price of them in the near future.

2. Savage He-man

Value $1120 in mint condition.

3. Knight Rider Talking KITT car

Value $240 in mint condition.

4. ZX Spectrum

Value $160 in mint condition.

5. Laser Light Skeletor

Value $480 in mint condition.

6. A-Team Van with BA Baracus

Value $640 boxed / mint condition.
images (1)

7. Optimus Prime Transformers G1

Value $640 boxed / mint condition.

8. Hotrod – Transformers G1

Value $8000 in mint condition.

9. Megatron – Transformers G1

Value up to $12000 boxed / mint condition.

10. Skylinx – Transformers G1

Value $3500 boxed / mint condition.

11. Thunder Wings Lion-o

Value up to $8000 boxed and in mint condition.

12. Teddy Ruxpin Original

Value $1100 in mint condition with box and all tapes and books. It’s quite incredible the value of a teddy ruxpin in today’s market. Yes, that furry story-telling teddy bear is worth more than a brand new iPad or iPhone! Back when I was a kid, most of my friends threw theirs away after a few weeks because it was so annoying!
teddy ruxpin value

13. He-man BattleCat – One of the rarest of 80s toys

Value up to $7000 boxed and in mint condition.

14. Vlix – Starwars

Value $3200 loose. God knows how much a boxed one would be!

15. He-man Towers of Eternia

Value $17600 in mint condition and boxed. Very rare as not many were sold due to the price of them!eternia-playset-he-man-toy

16. Stadium Events Game on NES

Value $22000 sealed. Rare like chicken teeth.
Stadium Events - NES

17. Wrecking Crew 1985 NES

Value $4900 sealed.
images (3)

18. Super Mario on NES – Rare Asian Artwork

Value $31500 sealed. Very rare!

19. Superman Game on the Atari 2400 (Yellow Text)

Value $30K + but only if it has yellow text. Red text is about $220

20. Prototype of Zelda NES Game

Value $55K. Very very very rare. Most expensive game ever bought

21. Amazing Spiderman 300 Comic

Value $350. Mint condition +$5K
$_57 (1)

22. Happy Holiday Barbie

Value $400 boxed / mint condition.

23. 1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Michealanglo

Value $225 in mint condition.

24. 1988 GI Joe Hit And Run Parachute

Value $3200 in mint condition.

25. Amiga 500 Plus

Value $160 to $400.

26. Original Nintendo Gameboy

Value $1120 boxed and in mint condition.

27. Sega Mega Drive

Value $50 to $160.

28. Intellivision – Mattel

Value: $16 to $80

Well here’s a nice infographic to get you motivated to have a look around in your old toy boxes. The guys over at 80sRetroToys.com have kindly created an amazing infographic that takes you down memory lane to the toys, games and gadgets of the 80s, and have researched what they would be worth today, if you still have any of them that is!

Infographic by 80sRetroToys.com

Value of collectable 80s games, gadgets and toys

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