These 20 Horrific Eye Tattoos Are Just Disgusting and Shocking in Equal Amounts

What are Eye Tattoos?

Not much to explain really. Think of a normal tattoo with the needle going into your skin and depositing a small amount of ink. Now imagine that going into your eye!!!! Horrible thought.

Luna Cobra, is the inventor of eyeball tattooing. It’s also known as sclera tattooing.  It’s basically the tattooing of the white bit of your eye either as a solid color or mix of colours on the eyeball. There’s not many tattoo artists that can do eyeball tattooing, but the ones there are have fine-tuned their skills, technique and materials to not only produce some stunning work, but has increased the safety of this process. There is still risks in getting your eyeball tattooed such as infection and blindness. Tattooists that have tried doing this without proper education, training, experience and guidance of this procedure have caused vision impairments like blurred vision, spots or floaters, and even blindness.

Here are some crazy people who have had Eyeball Tattoos 


1. Her eyes make her look like some sort of being from another planet


2. Now that’s what I call BLUE eyes!


3. Not the kind of guys you’d want your daughter to bring home.


4. This black eyeball tattoo looks painful


5. He looks like some sort of demon with blackhole eyes that will suck your soul out of your body.


6. An eyeball tattooist causing havoc in someone’s eye.


7. The implants on his head is distracting the fact that he has devil looking eyes.


8. This guy looks like he’s been awake for 2 years with red eye like that!


9. Facial tattoo, ear lobe loops and tattooed eye combo


10. He has his eyes tattooed to match his hair. Or maybe the other way round?


11. What’s with the strange tongue?


12. Her eyes are like a black hole into a world you’ll never escape from.


13. The painful process of tattooing your eyeball


14. The sad thing about this photo is that she has beautiful eyes.

15. Not sure if this is real, but if it is then well done to the tattoo artists for such detailed work on a difficult place to tattoo.


16. A scary looking man with a rather feminine looking eye tattoo. LOL!


17. Oh my! Look at the state of his ears!


18. Probably the coolest eyeball tattoo in this collection of images.


19. With those eyes and those tattoos, this guy is destined to find himself a great job….at a circus.


20. Hey guys! Take my wallet!



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