10 Very British Problems


We Brits are terribly polite, which brings its own set of problems. These tweets from the brilliant Very British Problems Twitter account perfectly capture some of the hurdles we Brits face on a day to day basis. Feel free to add your own in the comments section of this post.

4Very British Problems 03

The thrill of being the first to say “I think I just felt a spot of rain”

Very British Problems 01

Finding someone standing in front of your desired sandwich, so pretending to study a pasta salad until they leave.

Very British Problems 02

Being unable to turn and walk the opposite direction without first frowning at your phone for three seconds.

Very British Problems 03

Using a tablespoon to stir your tea and just feeling…wrong

Very British Problems 05

Violently tapping the train door button before it’s illuminated, to assure everyone the situation is in hand

Very British Problems 06

Hearing an echo of your own voice on the phone and contemplating never speaking again.

Very British Problems 07

Not hearing someone for the third time, so just laughing and hoping for the best.

Very British Problems 08

Straining not to thank the waiter for every small item he clears, so you can deliver one big thanks at the end.

Very British Problems 09

Punishing people who don’t say thank you by saying “you’re welcome” as quietly as possible.

Very British Problems 10

Nearly washing the skin off your hands so as not to pressure the person using the hand dryer.


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