A Dude Falls Asleep At A Comedy Show. He Won’t Do That Again


Is this fool dead or something?

01-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



I go to comedy shows when I want to take a long-ass nap!

02-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



What’s his name? Does anyone know?


302-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



If you’re asleep and you hear your name you would normally respond right?

4-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club


 On three, we’re going to yell “RUBEN”



 1-2-3 RUBEN!!!!

7-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



Is there a paramedic in the building?

8-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



Ruben, this is God

9-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



We all love you, we just want you to come back.

10-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club




11-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club



“My Bad”

“Don’t apologize, man. Do you know how many laughs we got from you?

12-man asleep-at-a-comedy-club





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