45 Creative Business Card Ideas That’ll Get You Loads More Business


If you want to thrive in business nowadays, you have to get creative to stand out from the crowd and the way you can do that is by having a cool business card. Here are 45 of the most creative, most awesome business cards ever made. These guys have it nailed when it comes to getting their foot in the doors of potential new clients or customers.

A cool business card can help you to open doors to opportunities. Most of these amazing business cards listed below would get you through even the most secure doors in business, and even might create an opening for you to dive into.

1. Cardboard Box Business Card

Card Board Box Business Card


2. Highly creative tennis court business card

tennis court business card


3. Dried Meat Business Card – Edible

dried meat business card



4. A very cool business card with a design related to what the person actually does



5. Steve Wozniaks (founder of Apple) business card



6. Cool business card for a freelance graphic designer. Unusual shape and promotes the skills of the designer really well.



7. Mini Skateboard business card



8. Pop up business cards



9. Google results business card. Make sure your SEO is watertight before doing this!

google results business card


10. Carved out of wood business card


11. Business card that is categorised according to what type of business you want to promote



12. Stencil cut out business card




13. Business card for a cosmetic surgeon



14. Impressive sleeve business card that reveals a different colour underneath when you pull out



15. Divorce Lawyer Business Card that can be split in two for both sides

business-cards-46 business-cards-45


16. Buy/Sell Investment Representative Business Cards – A finance company with a bit of creativity. Not very common.

business-cards-44 business-cards-43


17. Straw business card for a Yoga teacher. Very clever



18. Personal fitness trainer business card that you can have a work out with



19. Personal Trainer business card.



20. A business card that you can rip up and use as a roach

business-cards-37 business-cards-38 business-cards-39


21. A restaurant’s business card with a salt shaker holes – This could work for any food related businesses



22. Event photographer’s business card.



23. A very cool business card that doubles up as a small music box.



24. Business card made from steel and can be used to tighten bolts on your bike. Genius!



25. Business card idea for a hairdresser




26. Hairdresser business cards styled with different hair cuts



27. Business card for a circumciser – ouch!



28. A grillable card that when held over a grill, exposes the business card content

business-cards-24 business-cards-23 business-cards-22


29. Toy chair business with a clever 3D business card

business-cards-21 business-cards-20


30. Dentist business card. Shows a cavity on a cut out tooth



31. Business card made from make-up. Clever stamp effect business cards can be printed onto any type of paper or object.

business-cards-18 business-cards-17


32. See Through Facemask business card




33. Sommelière Wine glass Business Card – Every card different

Sommelière Wineglass Business Card business-cards-7


34. A smart-ass designer’s card that has seeds in it that will grow.

business-cards-14 business-cards-13


35. Innovative Yoga Teacher Business Card



36. Picture frame business card



37. Alternative business card made from Lego figures

business-cards-4 business-cards-5

38. This plumber must be very busy! Great alternative for a business card



39. Cheese Grater Business Card – Idea for a deli owner

business-cards-2 business-cards-1


40. 3d business card that people can make themselves from the flat pak plan



41. Funny Irish business card



42. Unusual business card shape from a graphic designer



43. Edible business cards. Clever but not very good if you actually need to contact them.



44. Yoga Mat Business Card for a Yoga Instructor

yoga mat business card



45. Idea for a business card for gardener or lawn expert – very clever idea as the business card acts as a packet for some grass seeds.

business cards for lawn experts or gardeners



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