29 of The Most Awkward Sex Stories Ever – No. 12 is AWFUL!


The following awkward sex stories will not only make you shit yourself with laughter but it will no doubt serve as some comfort to you that your very own sex life isn’t that bad compared to these poor bastards!


1. Harry Styles

accidently called out harry styles name during sex

I accidentally called out Harry Styles’ name while having sex with my boyfriend. We’re not together anymore.


2. Couldn’t find the hole

almost had sex with my friend. he couldnt find the hole

I almost had sex with my best friend. Almost, because he couldn’t find the hole -_- really awkward and embarrassing!


3. Nuva ring

boyfriends-penis-getscouaght in my nuva ring

Sometime when my boyfriend and I have sex, my nuva ring gets stuck on him and he jokes saying he’s “hula hooping”


4. Tailbone

broke my tail bone during sex

I broke my tailbone during sex because he tried to pick me up, I freaked and flailed and he dropped me. I told people I fell down the stairs.


5. Caught having sex with teacher

caught having sex with my teachers husband

When I was in high school my teacher caught me having sex in the school parking lot….with her husband.


6. The shits

clenching ass because you have the shits

It’s embarrassing when you are having sex and when you slow down the girl asks if you came and you respond, “no I’m clenching my ass cheeks cause I got the shits”


7. Drool

druled on bf while having sex

I drooled on my boyfriend last night while we were having sex! So embarrassing!


8. Drunken Sex

drunk sex in front of everyone at a party

Is having drunken sex in front of everyone at a party the most embarrassing thing you can do?


9. Cock microphone

during sex boyfriends said your pretty

I was giving my boyfriend a bj when he said “I think you’re pretty”. I couldn’t resist the urge to sing “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry. So I did. While using his penis as a microphone.


10. Sobbing

during-sex-I start sobbing uncorollably

During really intense, passionate sex I start sobbing uncontrollably


11. Fainted

fainted while having sex

The first time I had sex I fainted….Still most the embarrassing moment ever.


12. Awful

farted in boyfriends mouth while he was eating me

When my boyfriend was eating me out last night, I farted in his mouth.


13. Genius

farted sneezed and came all at the same time

While having sex; I came, farted, and sneezed. The look on his face was priceless!


14. Yuk

first time I gave a bj cum came out of my nose

The first time I gave my boyfriend a blowjob, cum came out of my nose


15. God porn


While having sex with my husband this morning he stops looks me in the eyes and says “we are like porn stars for God”


16. Howling

had a screaming contents with a coyote

Once while having sex with my boyfriend in a field, I had a screaming content with a coyote.


17. Hip trouble

hip locked during sex

One time I was having sex and my hip locked.. it was so embarrassing.


18. Bump and pump

hit my head on the bed frame and farted

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened during sex? Mine is I hit my head on the bed frame and then farted.


19. Pardon me!

i burped in the mouth of a girl while having sex

One time I burped in a girls mouth while having sex with her.


20. Number ones

i peed once during sex

I peed once during sex.. Talk about embarrassing.


21. Sex milk

i was so turned on during sex that I started to produce milk

I once got so aroused during sex I lactated (I’m not pregnant). It was freaky!


22. Noisy

mum hears us having sex

I snuck my boyfriend over last night and we had amazing sex. Next morning – mom “hey if you’re going to sneak someone in don’t you think not moaning so loud would be a good idea and a bed rocking for 3 hours?


23. Nose bleed

nose bleed while having sex

Me and my bf were both virgins when we had sex. I have to say it wasn’t good because his forehead hit my nose causing a nose bleed having to end thing earlier than we thought.


24. Sex and shopping

sex in the fitting rooms of seers

We tried to have sex in the fitting room of Sears like we always do and we got kicked out. Awkward.


25. Shallow

shallow vagina

Embarrassing: I have a “shallow” vagina. So when I have sex, I can never take the whole thing without bleeding from him hitting the back wall of my cervix.


26. Another nose bleed

so excited during sex that my nose bleed

The first time I was with a girl, I got so excited that my nose started to bleed, like a freakish anime character, when I saw her naked.


27. Games

thinking about candy crush during sex

I once thought about candy crush during sex


28. Sweet after sex nothings

stay golden pony boy

After I slept with a girl in college she patted me on the head and said, “Stay golden pony boy”. I just smiled and fell asleep.



29. Pick of the litter


After I lost my virginity I told her that if she were kidnapped and sold to sex slavery, she’d be “The pick of the litter”

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