10 Best Watches for Teenagers 2018 – Because let’s face it, teenagers are garbage at being punctual!

For teens who are headed back to school or those who simply want the perfect watch, there are plenty of fashionable and pragmatic options available. From the more practical calculator watches filled with organizational tools to the smartwatches that keep teens connected to the digital world, there’s a watch for everyone. For teens who want something more traditional, there remain plenty of stylish, fashion-forward options that can pull an ensemble together with conventional style. Overall, this list of watches will help teens stay organized and stylish.


In this digital age, teenagers rely on technology to get things done. With its wide variety of apps, the MSRM MS08 is perfect for all kinds of users. Providing all kinds of apps from Gmail to Wechat, teenagers can keep in contact with friends and stay on top of school with advanced digital organization tools. When out and about, this watch makes it easy to stay in contact with parents without forgetting to check smartphones and text messages. The watch provides an instant reminder that someone has emailed, messaged, or otherwise tried to contact its user when configured with the correct apps. Teenagers can make calls from their smartwatch and even record video. This watch also boasts some great tools for fitness, including a pedometer and a sedentary reminder. Digital tools don’t have to involve sitting down all day. These features will help teenagers form healthy habits, stay organized, and ultimately be more successful.


Lemfo LF07

Here’s another smartwatch that’s sure to keep teenagers organized. Although it’s a tad more expensive than the MSRM MS08, the Lemfo LF07is still affordable and will make students thrive in the world of digital assignments and online information. While this smartwatch has Bluetooth capabilities, it remains useful even when out of range of its smartphone. Teens can keep up with classwork in the digital world with this new technology. It’s not all serious business, however. This watch will let users change their voice and have some fun impersonating the opposite gender using voice-altering technology. It’s even available in multiple colors, including bright lime green and white. With entertaining and organizational features, the Lemfo LF07 is a great options for those on a slightly higher budget who want to keep track of emails, make watch-based phone calls, and even take photos. It provides the tools for tech savvy teens in and out of the classroom.


Timex Leather Watch

For those who seek a more traditional look, Timex’s Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch can bring some traditional polish to an outfit. With a sleek leather strap and trendy rose-gold plating, this watch is all teens need to stand out as an organized pre-professional. Rose-gold is making headlines in the world of fashion for its timeless beauty and versatility. Teens wearing this watch can put together a preppy, popular look with a pleated skirt or polo shirt. Others may prefer to pair this leather watch with a casual dress or business casual outfit for put-together style. Timex’s leather strap watch also comes with a date-reading feature for teens who wish to stay organized. Readable even in the dark, its Indiglo night-light keeps teens on top of the time. This watch is also available in a wide variety of other colors and metals, from brown crocodile skin paired with gold-tone metal to the more serious black band with silver-tone metal. With plenty of options, this watch provides both masculine and feminine styles to fashion-forward teens at an affordable price.

Casio CA53W Calculator Watch

Casio’s Calculator Watch promises to be helpful for the more mathematically-inclined teens. With basic mathematical addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, this watch is a useful tool to have on hand. Teaching teens to stay organized is possible by giving them the tools to succeed. This watch’s calculator keeps students prepared for class, homework, and other learning-based tasks. It also boasts a stopwatch, ideal for measuring intervals of time while conducting experiments in science classes. With a stunningly long battery life of 5 years and a calendar that lasts through at least 2079, this watch is ideal for academic teens who want to stay organized. This professional, organized watch will keep teens focused and prepared for learning.

Cat Glasses Analog Quartz Watch

This surprisingly affordable pair of cat watches is ideal for the teen who loves cute animals. Since this is a set of watches, teens may want to give a watch to their best friend and be stylish together. One watch comes with a white band while another comes with black, making for an adorable, complimentary pair of lovable watches. Stylish enough to be please the most fashionable teens, these cat watches boast trendy glasses and platinum plating. Paired with a cardigan or summer dress, this watch fits perfectly in the back-to-school look. Any teen looking to personalize their outfit should look no further than these watches. Whether aiming for the girly, popular look or and outfit that’s cohesive and stylish, these watches will do just the trick.

Vintage Wrap Around Leaf Bracelet

This is another cute, affordable bracelet to share with friends for matching ensembles. Teens will like the boho chic feel of The Yunan Vintage Wrap Around Bracelet. Arriving in a pack of six, this set of watches is extremely budget-friendly. These watches come in colors blue, red, orange, green and black and will match any outfit. Teens can mix and match colors and outfits nearly every day of the week. With a leaf charm and beaded accents, this watch works great for the adventurous, forest-loving teen. This set of watches is unlike any other with its edgy, wrap around style. Its easy-to-read watch face with an ornate, decorative border is ideal for artistic teens working on creative projects. From writers to painters, teens will love colorful watches like these that communicate originality and creativity. Overall, this set of six watches is perfect for teens who want to match their friends or have plenty of stylish options, all at a budget-friendly price.

Business Casual Leather Dress Watch

The Business Casual Leather Dress Watchis an affordable, dapper watch ideal for those seeking more masculine designs. With a leather band that looks both professional and polished, this watch commands attention. Teens preparing for the world of business, finance and law may prefer this watch as it will meet any dress code. Both scratch resistant and waterproof, this is a watch to hold on to during college and beyond. The larger-than-average watch face makes it easy to show off in classy style with understated fashion, all while easily reading the time. This watch even boasts a supporting dial to keep track of the seconds as they fly by. Overall, this business casual leather dress watch is the perfect masculine watch for the future business professional.

Freestyle Shark Digital Watch

This fun and funky watch conjures images of days on the beach or at the local aquarium. Dolphin-lovers and color-enthusiasts alike will enjoy the Freestyle Shark Digital Watch and all it has to offer. With a fresh color palette of yellows and blues, this watch appeals to creative and sporty types. It can easily match a teen’s expressive style and outfit choices. However, this watch is not limited to use on land. Encased in resin and water resistant up to 330 feet, the freestyle shark digital watch is a great choice for athletic teens who enjoy swimming. Teens can take this watch to the beach and enjoy a tropical day in style. From attending class to splashing in ponds, sporty teens can rely on this watch to do it all.

Neff Unisex Flava Watch

As far as water resistant watches go, the Neff Unisex Flava Watch is another great option. This one comes in plenty of colors and styles and is perfect for the creative, sporty teen. From sleek, plain black to lemon yellow, this line of watches will appeal to all tastes. Made of ABS plastic, this flexible and fun watch is water resistant to 165 feet and perfect for a day at the water park. Complete with a handy alarm and date display, users of this watch can be sure to remain organized both in school and while enjoying the outdoors. Teens can show off their bright, sporty style with the Neff Unisex Flava Watch.

Airplane World Map Watch

This snazzy watch will appeal to current and future travelers. With a world map and chic, rotating plane decal, teens who dream of accessorizing with global fashion should look no further. Additionally, the leather band perfectly accompanies the robin’s egg blue watch face and contains interior detailing to make this watch a truly special item. Containing cute star details and a design of the Eiffel Tower, teens can appreciate the intricate beauty of this watch. Overall, a world map watch like this one will inspire future travelers with a global mindset during history and geography classes at school.

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