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18 Shots So Disgusting And Wrong That You’ll Puke – #18 is the worst

If you like your liver nice, healthy and pink and not pickled and rotten from within, then stand well back from these alcoholic shots.
Some of these would send even the hardened drinker or alcoholic into septic shock. What you are about to see are drinks that should only be consumed in the comfort of your own home and away from the general public, as the likely outcome when consuming one of these shots are;

(a) Death

(b) You end up in a pool of your own vomit, piss and shit etc


1. Naga Chilli Vodka

naga chilli vodka

This is officially known as the world’s hottest vodka. Why so hot? Well it’s largely down to the heat of chili peppers added to the 40% alcohol.

As you can see on the bottle, they do warn you, “Are you insane?”
This bottle is one little full of pain and regret. It’s been nice knowing you.

Here’s a gif from ITV’s This Morning show where they tried out some of this evilness.


2. The Flaming Lamborghini

This badass tower of fear, is also known as “The Waterfall”.  It made up of four different alcoholic drinks. One shot kahlua, one shot Bailey’s Irish Cream, one shot Blue Curacao, and lastly a shot of Sambuca.

Once lit, you quickly drink it down with a straw at the base of the flaming tower.flaming-lambo-drink

Be careful or you could end up like this prat!

flaming lambo goes badly wrong

3. Scorpion Vodka

This specialty vodka comes in either a 70ml shot or a 250ml bottle, and the scorpion is said to give it a nice “woody” flavor.

Yes! You can eat the scorpion; stinger and all!


5. The Eggermeister Shot

The Eggermeister Shot

What could makes Jägermeister easier to shoot down? A pickled egg. Cut the top off a pickled egg and take out the inside yolk. Pour half a shot of Jager in a shot glass, place the egg inside, and then fill the egg with more Jager.

Check this guy out. A whole jar of pickled eggs and Jägermeister! Yuk

The Eggermeister Shot-gif

6. Infected Whitehead Shot


This shot from hell is mix one part vodka with Bloody Mary mix, then add a spoonful of cottage cheese.

If you need us to tell you what’s wrong with this shots at this point, then you should be locked up.  The name itself is sickening.
Drinking cheese and vodka with a Bloody Mary should be illegal. Here’s a tip for you. DON’T DRINK CHEESE BASED COCKTAILS!

7. Pop Rocks Flaming Shot

Pop Rocks Flaming Shot

Made with Pop Rocks candy, simple syrup, pomegranate juice, and gin. Stick the drink under UV light for a glowing effect. The tonic water is pretty cool as it glows crystal blue and Rockstar glows green. See how to make it here.

Sprinkle the Pop Rocks over the top for an even more impressive flaming effect:

Pop Rocks Flaming Shot-gif

8. The Cement Mixer


This one not only looks awful, but surprise surprise, it also tastes awful too!

Here’s how to make this pile of puke. Add one part lime juice to one part Bailey’s Irish Cream. Make sure you swish it around your mouth before swallowing ( That’s the cement mixer part )

The Bailey’s tastes good, but when you mix it with the lime, well, the taste is shit. The juice curdles the Bailey’s, giving it the consistency of cement. Nice. Not something that will become your regular drink.

9. The Tapeworm Shot

tapeworm shot

The tapeworm name comes from the effect created when you add a bit of mayonnaise to vodka. Why the fuck would you want to do that!

Simply add in the liquids, sprinkle with pepper, then top the shot glass with a thin layer of mayonaise. There really isn’t any point putting your body through this, so don’t try it.

It apparently is smells bloody awful!


10. Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot
This is by far the most tamest of flaming shots, but with the added benefit of drinking a glass of beer. All you need is a half shot of amaretto liqueur, added to a shot of 151 proof rum, plus a glass of light beer to drop it into!
Be very careful. Even the most basic of flaming shots should never be underestimated as you could end up like this guy:


11. The Backdraft Shot

The Backdraft Shot
This shot that has an impressive preparation and presentation. Named after the phenomenon which occurs in some fire situations, this drink produces a similar condition on purpose using flammable alcoholic drinks and an enclosing container, such as an upside down pint glass.
If you want to find out how to do this then head over to here for detailed instructions.

how-toThe Backdraft Shot

12. New Jersey Turnpike Shot

New Jersey Turnpike Shot

When times are hard and you have very little cash in your pocket, this is the drink for you.  The bartender wipes down the bar and squeezes the rag into a shotglass. The most disgusting non-alcoholic shot ever invented.
This is what it should look like. Looks like sewer water.

New Jersey Turnpike Shot-01

13. Hot Mexican Hooker Shot

Hot Mexican Hooker Shot

Not only is the name pretty nasty, but so is the taste. It’s revolting.

Fill shot with Cuervo and tabasco then fill to the brim with tuna fish juice.

Hot Mexican Hooker Shot-gif

14. Snake Bile Wine

Not something your local cocktail bar would serve, but give it a try anyway.
Get yourself a Cobra, cut it wide open, extract the bile from within it’s gallbladder, poor it into a glass and add some rice wine.

Serve it to some retard who wants to be at one with the Snake God.

snake bile wine

15. The Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb

This is the only way to destroy the evil North Korean dictator. Blast him with a load of American fast food and loads of vodka.
Here’s what’s in this fucking mental bad boy!

1 Big Mac
1 McDonald’s large fries
1 McDonald’s tangy BBQ sauce
1 McDonald’s milk shake (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla mixed)
1 McDonald’s apple pie

Here’s a video of the Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb being made and consumed.

16. Little Baby Mice Wine (Cute)

We all love animals right? And we love getting drunk. So let’s combine the two and get fucking pissed!
The Chinese have come up with this lovely concoction of baby mice and rice wine! Yeah I know! Why didn’t we think if this!!!

baby mice wine from China

The baby mice are taken shortly after birth, so that their eyes are still closed. Nobody wants to see eyes peeping at you when you’re drinking! They are then dropped ALIVE into a jug of rice wine. The wine is left to ferment. Here’s the bonus bit. After the wine is imbibed, the mice are eaten. No need to go to the kebab house after a piss up.

17. Horse Jizz

Get a perfectly good pint of larger and ruin it by pouring in a load of milk. And there you have it. A drink that resembles Horse Jizz.

horse jizz cocktail

18. Smokers Cough


This drink is probably worse for you than smoking. Nuff said!!!


Source: Buzzfeed

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