Rancid Fast Food From Around The World – All of these will make you sick – except No.6!!

It’s amazing what your regular fast food joint such as Pizza Hut serve up around the world to cater for different cultural taste buds. Here are a few shocking additions to the menus of your favourite fast food restaurants. Everyone of them would make me sick.

1. Pizza Hut (China) Shrimp Tempura Hot-Dog-Crust Pizza


I always thought that the Chinese were a bit odd when it comes to food. Snakes bollocks stew, Sticky pigs anus kebabs etc.
Well it’s good to see Pizza Hut embracing China’s need for weird shit on their pizzas. The crust is filled with hot dogs and the toppings include shrimp tempura and mayonnaise.


2. The Black Ninja Burger (Burger King Japan)


Burger King in Japan are fucking mental! This mean looking burger is made up of a bun that is tinted black by bamboo charcoal and contains a massive slab of bacon that is supposed to represent the tongue of a ninja!


3. Pork & Seaweed Dounuts

pork and seaweed dounuts

Yep, the Chinese have done it again. Made something that’s meant to be nice and tasty and turned it into something that a mentalist would make in his Food Ed class in prison. In some Dunkin Donuts locations, you can pick yourself up a lovely pork donut. Don’t forget to bring your latex gloves to clean up your own vomit.


4. Winter Double-King Pizza – Pizza Hut Japan


Looks like just a normal pizza, right? Well check out this ingredients list. On top of the pizza you get corn, shrimp, beef, eggs, onion, potato, broccoli and king crab. The whole thing is topped with mayo and if that wasn’t enough, the crust is removable and filled with stuffed shrimp.


5. Duck, Goose and Liver burger (Japan)


The Japs have gone all French on our asses!


6. The McCurry Pan (India)


This beauty is the only thing I would eat. I’m gutted it’s not on the menu here in the UK!
Curried vegetables baked in a creamy sauce within a bread-bowl that you can eat! Genius!
This item is on the vegetarian menu of McDonald’s India.

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