The Struggle To Get A Job When You’re Just A Kid


It’s tough being a kid, especially when your parents drop the “Get a job” bombshell, and your only 14! How the hell are you meant to find a gig when there’s no jobs and even if their was one, why would they employ your lazy, spotty faced ass!?

We know your struggle. We have your back!

Son, you should get a job. I had a job when I was 13

You do realize that our town has a 31% unemployment rate?
How many places have you walked into to get an application?
I've been everywhere they all say to go online
Just ask to talk to the manager
Hello sir I was wondering if your company is hiring
Look online
Can I please talk to your manager
I'll go get her, wait here!
Hi my name is
What do you want?
I was wondering if you guys were hiring
Do you meet our ridiculous entry position requirements?
Well no but I'm a fast l


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