Best Gifts for Space Lovers 2018 – The Ideal Gifts For Someone Who’s Crazy About SPACE!

Here’s some great ideas for gifts to give the space lover in your life. If they’re mad about space and astronomy then they will just adore this selection of gift ideas.


Space Tie

Here at Fukarf, we love ties, as you can tell from our definitive guide to tie knots.

Well here’s a tie that you will just love if you want to bring your passion for space into your mundane office job.Why hide the fact you want to be a space explorer from your office job colleagues!

Let everyone know your true calling in life. Also if you or any of your work buddies get stress, then point to your tie and remind them just how insignificant all this is when compared to the vastness of the universe.


Solar System Bath Bombs

Bath time is boring. Fact. Lathering up with a bar of Imperial Leather is not what you call exiting. Well how about having a bath with the planet Mars or Saturn? Bring a touch the universe into your bathroom with these cool solar system bath bombs set. And they are full of lovely things that make your skin feel and smell great. Handmade out of natural ingredients, like mica, orchids, sandalwood, saffron, and honey.

Solar system geek? Here are some solar system toys to get your kids into it too!


USB Astronaut Lamp

Space geeks will just love this! Its cute, its Space related and it’ll become a useful friend to have while doing geeky stuff online. This astronaut USB lamp is one of the coolest gifts on this list and won’t set you back much in terms of money. You’ll have enough left over to buy your Space nerd friend / family member or lover something else!



Planet Dinner Plates

Now it is possible to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner from Uranus. No I’m not being rude. With these Planet Plates, you can have the perfect dinner party with all your space geek friends and talk about which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek. This is set of planet plates includes 10″ watercolor portraits of our solar system.



Space Mission Play Set

Have you always dreamt of exploring the moon or an exoplanets millions and millions of miles away from Earth? Yes! Well here’s your chance of doing just that, but on a smaller scale. This really cool gift idea is a space mission sandbox which allows us ordinary earthlines to fantasize about exploring another planet by digging with little spades in a small sandbox. This is a great way to relax and maybe lose a few hours at work doing very little.



Galaxy Bedding

Sleep with the stars ( and I don’t mean Mariah Carey ) in this printed galaxy duvet bed set that goes from single size right up to queen size. Have sweet dreams about exploring the universe in these amazing starry bed sheets!



NASA Oven Gloves

Your passion for Space shouldn’t just end at your office desk. No, why not bring that passion to the kitchen! While you’re baking a lovely victoria sponge or making some tasty moon cakes, why not use this Nasa Astronaut Mitt to recover the pressious cargo of your death star oven!



Galaxy Hoodies

If your wardrobe isn’t cool enough with all those Star Wars and Star Trek inspired garments then you’ll just love these galaxy hoodies!

I don’t know about you but I find hoodies generally come in 3 colors. Black, grey and dark blue. There’s never anything exciting about them and most of the time they look quite intimidating when wearing the hood up. That’s when galaxy hoodies change things a bit. Geeks and nerds generally like to wear black, and don’t wear bright colors as they don’t want to stand out. But sometimes is quite nice to stand out, without being too loud and there’s no better way to do that than to have an all over print of your favourite galaxy.

Wearing one of these will make you more powerful than being a Guardian of The Galaxy. You are the galaxy my friend! More galaxy hoodies here for you to check out.



Astronaut Helmet Mug

Drinking your morning cup of tea or coffee like a rocket man with this awesome astronaut helmet mug. Start the day with a smile and it becomes yours. Life is too short for boring mugs.

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