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11 Brutally Honest Name Alternatives For Classic Board Games


Below is a really funny collection of honest name alternatives for classic board games of the 60s, 70s & 80s.
The person who created this set of images got it spot on, especially Number 6!

Have a look through and see if you agree with the alternative names give to these games.

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1. Family Fight Night (AKA Monopoly)

Monopoly - Family Fight Night

2. You Think This Game Will End In Sex (AKA Twister)


3. Straight Line, Straight Line, Straight Line, Square. (AKA Etch A Sketch )

Etch Sketch

4. This Game Could Be Played With Two Sheets Of Paper And A Pen (AKA Battleship )

Battle Ship

5. The Game Of Yelling And Bookkeeping (AKA Yahtzee )


6. The Game Of Hiding Out In Australia Until The Very End (AKA Risk )


7. How To Find Out That Everybody Went To A Better School Than You. (AKA Scrabble )


8. This Will Never Work. (AKA Mouse Trap )

Mouse Trap

9. You’ll Say “Sorry” But What You’ll Really Mean Is “~%@$ YOU!!”. (AKA Sorry )


10. It’s A Coil. Enjoy That!. (AKA Slinky )


11. In A Month You’ll Only Have Three Marbles (AKA Hungry Hippos )

Hungry Hippos

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