30 Incredible Photos Just Moments Before Disaster Strikes –


Here are 30 hilarious, scary, painful, terrifying, and beautiful photos of moments before disaster that only a camera could capture.
Number 30 is quite awful! Enjoy

1. Hell yeah!

2. What the truck!
a truck in trouble

3. It’s a new dance called “The Sidewalk Slip”

4. This is how you block a shot!

5. Bad Dad.
coke in your face

6. In for a bad landing

7. No he’s not carrying the ball in his mouth.

8. Walking on water for only one second.
girl-readyfor a splash

9. In your face!
in your face brother

10. He’s moist

11. No! Not the beer!
man with beer about to be spilt on him

12. Tour de Tumble

13. Battle of the Beards
moments before disaster

14. A face flop
moments before disaster=03

15. Worried Dad with his kid yelling “Fuck Yeah!”
moments before disaster-01

16. Wipeout
moments before disaster-04

17. He looks so peaceful
moments before disaster-05

18. Twat
moments before disaster-6

19. Making a fool of himself in front of a load of kids
moments before disaster-7

20. He wasn’t happy in 0.04 seconds time!
moments before disaster-9

21. Wipeout 2
moments before disaster-10

22. The ball is literally IN his face
moments before disaster-11

23. Face flopĀ into concrete. Nice
moments before disaster-12

24. Comedy
moments before disaster-13

25. Woops!
oh dear

26. Future thug
punch in the face

27. Why?
sand skiing

28. Piss face






30. Showing off caused this guy to be picking stones out of his ass for the next 2 weeks.




30. A woman’s best friend. Plastic surgery.






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