25 Naked Dads Released Into The Woods – What Happens Next Is Shocking!

25 naked wild dad were released into the woods after being held in captivity after being wounded by bear traps. We set them free. Run you pasty white naked dads! RUN!! What happened next you will not believe!

1. Nice breeze today, wouldn’t you say? What are you, 60?

2. Plenty of wood out here!

3. Hope you’re not preventing a picnic group from using that table, bud! 

4. how did you do that with your belly button. how 

5. are you the same guy? what the 

6. Trust the Gorton’s fisherman my ass 

7. You look nice. Carry on. 

8. wow no 

9. Shhh, he’s sleeping. 

10. This dad is making the “watching someone parallel park poorly” face, which is weird since there is no one around for miles. 

11. Turn that frown upside down, friend. 

12. Don’t hurt me 

13. “Pleasant” 

14. Not you again!!!!! 

16. “Shut the flip up, Donny!!!” Hahaha. Have you ever seen movies? 

17. You like my trunks? Why thank you kind sir! 

18. This is awful 

19. No!!! 

20. Aghghghghghg 

21. Stop 

22. Happy Father Day 

23. Man come on! please! 

24. Nooooooooooooo!!!! 

25. I hate this life 

Source: Somethingawful

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