Sexy and Loving Moments In Football

Football, for years, has been a real man’s game. But since the influx of foreign players into our game, we have taken on some of the affection that our continental male counterparts show each other. The beautiful game has just got a lot more sexier with these wonderful intimate and loving photos of professional footballers getting close on the pitch.


1. Gary Neville and Paul Scholes share a special moment at Old Trafford. Later that night, Scholes gave him a blowie.

2. Xavi Hernandez was ready and waiting to give Carlos Puyol a special treat for scoring

Xavi Hernandez got more of Carlos Puyol

3. Steve Sedgley and Chris Bart-Williams get steamy in the penalty box

Steve Sedgley and Chris Bart-Williams made up

4. Raul Meireles gives Ryan Giggs a tackle of his own


5. David Beckham feeling the love


6. Olivier Giroud, Jack Wilshere And Thomas Vermaelen in a pitch-side threesome


7. Ronaldo taking himself in hand


8. Scott Parker is all smiles with his physio and ready for some pulling and tugging


9. Nasri finally showing some true passion on the pitch


10. ????


11. Gazza get’s an early Christmas


12. Freddie finally get’s it together with his on/off lover


13. Randy football players ripping off each other’s kit at a moments notice


14. Ashley Cole, fed up with bumming but still appreciates the effort being given


15. Tevez just couldn’t wait to get his fist up Rio’s arse


16. In England, we like to take a break mid-match to have a bit of naked wrestling


17. In Scotland, sexy guys like these are invited to show off their arses



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