Top Ten Best Vibrators For Women In 2018

Vibrators are designed to enhance your enjoyment in the bedroom. Studies show that most women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Whether you use the toy individually or with a partner, a vibrator can increase sexual pleasure, creating a more heightened, erotic experience. Finding the right fit and design is important. Understanding your needs or the needs of your partner will help to narrow down your choices.

When considering the shape of the vibrator, think about how it will be used. Not every vibrator has to resemble a large penis. There are specific toys for external or internal stimulation in many sizes, shapes and intensity levels. Also, consider the material used in the design. Silicone and hard plastic are the most popular. They feel good on the body and are simple to keep clean with soap and water. Depending on the need some vibrators offer pleasure to just one area while others can stimulate multiple areas at once. Here are ten incredible vibrators worth taking a look at.


1. Thunder Stick Massage Wand by Master Series

This is a vibrator perfect for the beginner who will pleasure herself external. The massage stick is an ideal design for clitoral stimulation. Ridges adorning the round, plastic head of the unit offer a higher level of enjoyment, as opposed to a smooth design. Control the level of pleasure with the various speed settings. The sleek black, lightweight handle rests comfortably in the palm for easy control and positioning. It does come with a cord, so it will need to be within reach of an outlet.




2. Haute Handheld Wand Massager

Retailer Healthy Vibes created this 100% silicone personal massager. The silicon material is of the highest grade ensuring a top quality, safe product. The attractive purple and white wand is waterproof to enhance your pleasure in bed or even in a hot tub. With 10 various speeds and a flexible head, you will have no trouble finding your pleasure spot. Change the different pulsating levels for a unique experience each time. The wand is completely rechargeable. Keep it plugged in when not in use, and it will always be ready when you are.



3. Kuroko Jack Rabbit Vibrator

This toy is as pretty as it is pleasurable. Pattered in shades of pink, this vibrator has 12 speeds and multiple function capabilities. A smaller wand with a dolphin tail design is attached to the side. This will stimulate the clitoris with different speeds that both vibrate and rotate for intense satisfaction. The shaft has ridges and points throughout. When used internally, the shaft will vibrate and rotate 360 degrees that will delight any woman’s G-spot. It runs on batteries so it can travel anywhere, and no need to worry about waiting for it to charge.



4. Female Sex Toy by Avidlove

This is a triple threat sex toy. The blue, curved-shaped design will pleasure internally and anally, as well as the clitoris all at the same time. The soft shaft is textured with a smooth, raised ridge for further amusement with each back and forth movement. The clitoral stimulator is equipped with several tiny raised edges for further gratification. The anal stimulator has a rounded handle to grasp for added control. Batteries power this waterproof vibrator, so it can be used in most any place.



5. Dual Penetration Vibrator by Acsmall

Acsmall has crafted a product for the more advanced vibrator enthusiast. This dual penetrating toy will offer intense excitement with an anal stimulator that is as long as the penis-shaped shaft. The shaft has a slight curve to smoothly fit comfortably inside a woman. The anal stimulation is designed with six beads to create a powerful orgasmic sensation. The dildo is made from silicon, so it is safe and non-toxic. At 10.6 inches long, this vibrator is for those wanting that extra intense experience.


6. Licking Tongue Clitoris Stimulator by Kuroko

Kuroko designed a vibrator with the realistic look and feel of a human tongue. The small size allows for a firm grip and exact placement for premium pleasure. The pale pink tip emulates the massaging motion of the tongue to pleasure the clitoris. Internally stimulate the vagina with the included steel egg attachment. This vibrator is manufactured from premium silicone and latex so it is safe, non-toxic and odorless. While it presents itself as a clitoral stimulator, this can be used as an all over massager for either a man or woman. This toy includes three speeds, from slow and soft to fast and intense. It is compact and wireless for discrete and easy transport.



7. Emma Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator with Heating Mode

This massager developed by Svakom combines the traditional clitoral stimulator with an internal pleasuring aspect. There are five different vibrations and pulsating settings. Receive pleasure externally with the wand alone, and increase the level of arousal with the rotating heating function which will warm your area up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Or attach the rabbit ear-shaped dual stimulator for clitoral and internal enjoyment. Not even those in the next room will hear you with the extra quiet vibration element. The 100% waterproof wand is developed from the safest grade of silicone to be soft and smooth upon entry.



8. Diweit Single Speed Stimulating Vibrator

A simple yet effective toy for your masturbation needs. Not every vibrator is only designed for the pelvic region. This purple, non-toxic silicone toy can stimulate other sensitive areas of the body, such as the breasts. Two AA batteries will power the seven vibration functions for a pleasingly delicate massage, anywhere on the body. The shaft is created with faint veining, mirroring the penis when enjoying internal pleasure. The angle is long and narrow enough to accurately stimulate a woman’s G-spot. This powerful wand is waterproof for further titillation in a hot tub or shower.



9. Bullet Egg Wireless Remote Control Adult Sex Toy

Odeco designed this toy for internal pleasure, with a remote control for extra stimulation when needed. The woman can take care of herself or her partner can control her sensations. Gently insert the healthy, silicone bullet egg to feel the pulsating effects from seven different levels. This toy is petite enough for internal comfort while also allowing a man entry to stimulate both of you together. The attached o-ring handle will ensure safe retrieval of the toy when finished. Both the bullet egg and remote come equipped with a charging port for wireless hours of fun.



10. Thick Rick Silicone Vibrator by Ladygasm

The large, thick pink shaft is 2.5 inches thick and seven insertable inches long, for those who feel that size does matter. This heavy-duty vibrator offers an extra large motor that runs on three AAA batteries for maximum stimulation. A total of 10 vibration settings will have you energized in no time. If you are up for the challenge, pleasure the clitoris with the attached rabbit ear-shaped mini-wand at the same time. This vibrator has the added benefit of being both waterproof and extremely quiet so it can travel anywhere you go.

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