The Ultimate Collection Of Things To Do At Work When You’re Bored

Work is boring. Fact! Sitting at a desk in a stale office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 46 weeks a year, can make you go crazy. You need to kick back and do something fun and creative when the boss isn’t looking or when he’s in the toilets having sex with his secretary.

I have compiled a visual resource of all of the awesome things you could do at work when you are bored and don’t want to do any more work, like on a Friday afternoon or Monday at around 2pm.

1. Cover your work-mate’s car in post-it notes

Preferably on the person you hate the most in the office, like the wanker who always eats your lunch that is in the fridge with your name on it.

cover co-workers-car-in-stickers


2. Pimp up your Facebook page

Get creative and spend like 2 hours fucking about with your FB background. Here are some ideas for you…


Sci-fi lazer beam out of your eyes Facebook background.


Droste effect Facebook timeline background.


washing machine facebook cover

Some clever Photoshop work with washing machines.


3. Give your work colleagues a rendition of “When I’m Cleaning Windows” with an office banjo!

If you’re not allowed to listen to the radio or play music in work, then why not build yourself a little banjo and play it when the boss isn’t around! All you need is some clips, paper plates, cardboard and some elastic bands.

office banjo to cure boredom

In no time you’ll be like this in the office…



4. Create a new co-worker

You’ve been asking your boss for months to employ an assistant to help you out, but he’s never done anything about it. So why not create your own little side-kick.

create a new co-worker


5. Re-create scenes from famous films on your office desk

back to the future on your desk


6. Giant Naughts and Crosses

You can rid yourself of boredom no matter where you work. These workmen have nailed it with this game.

naughts and crosses

7. Play pranks on the people you hate at work

I do this on a weekly basis. It keeps me sane. Try it. Here are some ideas for your badass…



fill up a keyboard with shit


8. Have a secret sleep under your desk

Sometimes the only thing to cure boredom is to have a sleep. Check out what this guy did to disguise his sleeping den.

work sleeping den

work sleeping den 2


9. Get some foil from the office canteen and make a dinosaur



10. Make funny photocopies of your body parts

photocopy your body parts

Be careful. You don’t want to end up like this guy!>>>


11. Create awesome artworks in Excel

Fuck spreadsheets! They’re boring as hell. Create 8 bit artwork like this Pikachu.


Or why not create a whole level of Sonic The Hedgehog!

sonic the hedgehog in excel


12. Make a spit wad gun




13. Create a nice hand artwork

Put your C grade in Art GCSE to good use and create some nice colourful hand artwork. They make great presents at Christmas for your co-workers.



14. Do some work-based surfing



15. If you work with animals, why not dress them up and take funny photos



16. Use up all the ink in your biros by drawing weird shit



17. Make sculptures out of stuff you find in the office

work based sculptures


18. Work in a lab? Create some bacteria artwork!

Boredom fun doesn’t just have to be in an office environment! Why not create some lovely artwork out of the AIDS virus or some e-coli


19. Build A Staple Flower

staple-flower staple-flower-02


20. Make a Crime Scene Out Of Paper Clips

Nothing to see here people! Just a dead paper clip who got fucked up for snitching on a stapler.


21. Annoy Work Canteen Staff by Making a Star Wars Assault Walker out of Ketchup Pots


22. Have Some Artistic Fun With Dead Flies

Go grab yourself some dead flies off the top of people’s monitors in the office, and get creative!


Dead Fly-MCA


Dead Fly Sex


Dead fly sword fight



Dead fly tipping



Dead flies being totally rad!



Dead fly fishing


23. Annoy Canteen Staff…Again


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